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March 10 2010

via Body of Lies (2009)

3/5. An average political thriller with a timely story. Strong acting from Leonardo DiCaprio and Russel Crowe, but the movie falls a bit short. Lacked suspense (for me).
Tags: movies 2009 3
via Everybody's Fine (2009)

3/5. A meditative story of a family and its woes. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and De Niro's role, but something's just missing. As it's a remake, I've now added the original Stanno tutti bene (1990) by the legendary Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore (Nuovo cinema Paradiso).
Tags: movies 2009 3
via allmusic ((( Heligoland > Overview )))

3/5. A solid album.. if it was made by anyone but Massive Attack. Coming from them, it's a bit bland, boring and lacking the sharpness and energy of Mezzanine, but even 100th Window. The tracks "Paradise Circus" and "Rush Minute" prove that Massive Attack can still make a brilliant tune, but for some reason the album falls short for me.
Tags: music 2010 3
via allmusic ((( Falling Down a Mountain > Overview )))

3,5/5. Another strong album by Tindersticks with a few brilliant moments. I still love their older material more, especially Curtains or even The Hungry Saw, their last album.
Tags: music 2010 3
via Sherlock Holmes (2009)

3/5. It was okay-ish, but I really don't value Ritchies vision of Doyle's classic too highly.
Tags: movies 2009 3

January 20 2010

via The Invention of Lying (2009)

3/5. A comedy written and directed by Ricky Gervais, who also stars opposite to Jennifer Garner. Some inventive ideas, great satire on religion and Hollywood, but overall it was just a mediocre comedy/romance.
Tags: movies 2009 3

January 06 2010

via Sneakers (1992)

3,5/5. A good, fun oldie. Should a movie from the 90s even be called an oldie? What do I call movies from the 50s!?
Tags: movies 1992 3
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December 01 2009


3,5/5. A fine mix of drama and comedy. For me, Sandler makes his third best role (after Punch Drunk Love and Reign Over Me).
Tags: movies 2009 3
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