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March 10 2010

via allmusic ((( Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back > Overview )))

4/5. A dark, brooding covers album. Gabriel's interpretation of the songs is brilliant, as is the song selection itself. The album really opens itself up over multiple listens and although it isn't right for most moods, when the mood IS right, it's one of the best things out there.
Tags: music 2010 4
via Up in the Air (2009/I)

4/5. An extremely enjoyable movie with strong acting, a witty story and a strong morale. Jason Reitman continues his very strong directing career.
Tags: movies 2009 4

January 06 2010

via The Hangover (2009)

4/5. Highly enjoyable.
Tags: movies 2009 4
via Avatar (2009)

4/5. Visually fantastic and great entertainment.. if you can forget that it doesn't really have anything to say.
Tags: movies 2009 4
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