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March 10 2010

via allmusic ((( Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back > Overview )))

4/5. A dark, brooding covers album. Gabriel's interpretation of the songs is brilliant, as is the song selection itself. The album really opens itself up over multiple listens and although it isn't right for most moods, when the mood IS right, it's one of the best things out there.
Tags: music 2010 4
via allmusic ((( Heligoland > Overview )))

3/5. A solid album.. if it was made by anyone but Massive Attack. Coming from them, it's a bit bland, boring and lacking the sharpness and energy of Mezzanine, but even 100th Window. The tracks "Paradise Circus" and "Rush Minute" prove that Massive Attack can still make a brilliant tune, but for some reason the album falls short for me.
Tags: music 2010 3
via allmusic ((( One-Armed Bandit > Overview )))

2,5/5. A decent album, nothing too special, unfortunately.
Tags: music 2010 2
via allmusic ((( Falling Down a Mountain > Overview )))

3,5/5. Another strong album by Tindersticks with a few brilliant moments. I still love their older material more, especially Curtains or even The Hungry Saw, their last album.
Tags: music 2010 3

January 27 2010

via allmusic ((( Orchestrion > Review )))

5/5. Absolutely brilliant.
Tags: music 2010 5

January 20 2010


December 03 2009

1. In 2013, in some quiet college bar, a slightly inebriated freshman will pocket her fake ID, finish her amaretto sour, and slur out “gawd, I love Katy Perry” as “I Kissed a Girl” plays overhead. It will be the last time Katy Perry’s name is ever said aloud before her celebrity is surrendered to time’s fickle clutches.
10 Music Events to Expect in the ’10s - Stereo Subversion
Tags: music

November 24 2009

Still think jazz is music for grandfathers and Woody Allen movies? Well, not to sound snooty, but at this point, I dare say you’re just not listening carefully enough. As creatively vibrant and restlessly forward-thinking as indie rock – and with every bit as much to say about love, culture, politics, and human dignity, the jazz scene as it stands in 2009 is a series of quiet revolutions. And they’re quiet only because too many listeners are unwilling to give the music a chance.
The Pulse of Jazz - Stereo Subversion
Tags: music jazz

November 22 2009

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Them Crooked Vultures!

Superb album by the supergroup featuring Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones.

Tags: music 2009 5
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